Accounting BS +
Advertising *
Anthropology BA +
Applied Computer Science BS
Applied Global Conservation *
Applied Information Technology BS +
Applied Science BAS
Art and Visual Technology BA, BFA
Art History BA +
Art Therapy *
Arts and Culture *
Arts Management *
Assisted Living *
Astronomy BS
Athletic Training BS
Atmospheric Science BS
Biochemistry *
Bioengineering BS
Bioinformatics *
Biology BA, BS +
Biopsychology *
Broadcasting (Radio, TV) *
Chemistry BA, BS +
Childhood Studies *
Chinese BA *
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering BS +
Communication BA
Community Health BS
Computer Engineering BS +
Computer Game Design BFA
Computer Science BS +
Conflict Analysis and Resolution BA, BS +
Conservation *
Creative Writing BFA
Criminology, Law and Society BA, BS
Cyber Security Engineering BS
Dance BA, BFA
Earth Science BS
Economics BA, BS +
Education *
Electrical Engineering BS +
English BA+
Environmental and Sustainability Studies BA
Environmental Science BS
Events Management *

Film and Video Studies BA
Finance BS
Foreign Languages BA
Forensic Science BS
French BA *
Geography BA, BS
Geology BA
Global Affairs BA +
Global and Environmental Change BS
Government and International Politics BA +
Health Administration BS
Health Information Technology *
Health, Fitness, and
Recreation Resources BS
Health Systems Management*
History BA +
Hospitality Management *
Human Development and Family Science BA
Individualized Study BIS
Information and Society *
Information Security *
Information Systems and Operations Management BS +
Information Technology BS
Integrative Studies BA, BS +
International Affairs *
Islamic Studies *
Japanese Studies *
Journalism *
Kinesiology BS
Latin American Studies BA
Leadership Studies *
Legal Studies *
Life Sciences *
Management BS
Marketing BS
Mathematics BA, BS +
Mechanical Engineering BS
Media Studies *
Medical Laboratory Science BS
Music BA, BM
Music Composition BM
Music Education BM
Music Performance BM
Neuroscience BS
Nursing BSN
Operations Research * +
Organizational Administration *

Parks and Outdoor Recreation *
Philosophy BA +
Physical Education BSEd
Physics BS
Political Science + *
Psychology BA, BS +
Public Administration BS +
Public and Community Engagement *
Public Relations *
Religious Studies BA
Russian and Eurasian Studies BA
Social Innovation and Enterprise *
Social Justice and Human Rights *
Social Work BSW
Sociology BA +
Software Engineering + *
Spanish BA *
Sport Management *
Sustainability Studies *
Systems Engineering BS +
Teacher Licensure
Theater BA, BFA +
Therapeutic Recreation *
Tourism and Events Management BS
Tourism Management *

Preprofessional Study
Preoccupational Therapy
Prephysical Therapy
Prephysician’s Assistant

* Programs offered as concentrations within existing majors
+ Programs with an accelerated master’s degree option