Decorating George

The George Mason statue can often be found holding green and gold balloons or adorned in Mason gear. In fact, student groups compete for the opportunity to dress and decorate George to celebrate special occasions or to promote campus events.

Toe rubbing

Another statue tradition is to rub George’s toe for good luck before an exam! You’ll see his left foot is shinier than his right one.

Photo Ops

You aren’t officially graduated until you have your photo taken at the statue, preferably in your cap and gown. There are usually lines of people waiting to snap the family posed in front of George.

Bench Painting

There was once a time in the history of the university when all we had for a gathering place was the Quad in front of Fenwick Library. For years, student organizations have painted those benches that line the walkway to gain recognition for their groups. With more than 350 student organizations, the competition for these benches is fierce. Painting takes place in the spring.

Winter Homecoming

It has been more than a decade since the university moved our Homecoming to February (yes, February), so we can celebrate with basketball. The Mason Nation turns out in full support for our men’s and women’s basketball teams for a weekend of fun and Patriot Pride.

Mason Day

George Mason University has been celebrating Mason Day since before we were an independent university. Festivities have grown and changed over the years and moved all over campus, but they have always featured music as the main attraction. Today, Mason Day is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for our students, and includes amusement park rides and such food as funnel cakes, in addition to the bands.